Review. Quality control system

All manuscripts sent to the “Zurnal Hromatograficnogo tovaristva”, if they meet the profile, formal criteria of the Zurnal and prepared according to standards, are submitted for review, the purpose of which is to determine an objective assessment of the scientific content of the publication.
Information messages are not sent for review.
Expert evaluation of the manuscript is carried out by the Editorial Board of the Zurnal and the Reviewer is aimed at assisting the Author in improving the quality of the article and in making decisions about the possibility of its publication.
The Reviewers are selected from specialists who have experience of scientific and scientific-expert work in the field related to the subject of the manuscript.
Manuscripts are reviewed confidentially and anonymously for the Author and the Reviewer: the author/authors of the manuscript are not informed about the Reviewers, and the Reviewers receive a copy of the manuscript without specifying the author/authors.
The manuscript is sent to the Reviewer without any identifying information about the Author / authors:

  • names and places of work;
  • addresses, including e-mail addresses;
  • gratitude;
  • statements of conflict of interest;
  • other information on the text of the manuscript (references to own research, sources of funding, etc.).

The interaction between the author/authors of the publication and the Reviewers is carried out by correspondence with the editorial board of the journal.
Together with the manuscript copy the reviewers are invited to complete the review using the attached form.
If the reviews resulted in comments to the manuscript, the Editorial Board sends the author/authors recommendations for correcting the comments.
After correcting the comments in the manuscript or accepting the authors/authors justifications for the comments, the Editorial Board makes the final decision to publish the manuscript, inform the author/authors about terms of publication, or refuse to publish the manuscript giving reasons, and inform the author/authors of the manuscripts.