Journal is a professional publication in fields of chemical and engineering sciences

Published once a year since June 2001.

The certificate of state registration of printed mass media: 

Series КВ № 16608-5080 ПР от 22.04.2010. 

ISSN 1729-7192 

Language of edition: Ukrainian, English, Russian

Founders and publishers:

- Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;

- The Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of Ukraine;

- Chromatographic Society;

- Centre of quality experimental methods research "Chromatos".

Chief editor Modest М. Gertsiuk 

The scope of the journal covers fundamental and applied research in the field of chromatography and analytical chemistry. The journal publishes materials devoted to the use of chromatographic and chemical analytical methods in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, ecology, environmental protection, research environmental, chemical and occupational safety, sanitary chemistry, quality control drugs, agricultural and industrial products. Attention also paid to the materials, which are concerned the use of metrology and standardization in the indicated spheres, and also to the description of equipment and materials, used in the research laboratories. The journal provides information on the activities of leading scientists and experts, research centers and laboratories, information about the regulatory and methodological documents, the practice of using the chromatographic and analytical methods, their lists, information on scientific conferences, symposia and other forums of scientists and experts, the information being interesting and necessary background material for the reader. 

The journal is designed for academics and teaching staff, graduate students, specialists in the field of chromatography, analytical chemistry, environmental, chemical and technological security and those branches of science that uses chromatographic and chemical analytical methods. 

Filed under: "Basic publications", "Normative documents", "Equipment", "Persons", "Chronicle".

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