Plagiarism policy

Plagiarism is the act of copying other people's ideas, processes, and results without reference to literary sources. Manuscripts containing plagiarism are contrary to ethics and innovation, violate intellectual property rights.
Self-plagiarism is the use by the author of a piece of his or her own previously published work without the use of appropriate links. Self-plagiarized manuscripts are contrary to the standards of literary references and research.
All manuscripts submitted for publication in the «Zurnal Hromatograficnogo tovaristva» are checked for plagiarism or self-plagiarism using software Antiplagiarism.NET, or Advego Plagiatus.
If found in the results of the review or in the process of reviewing in the manuscript of plagiarism, the journal Editorial Board shall notify in writing the author/authors and offer to correct the manuscript or provide reasoned explanations within 15 working days.
If comments on plagiarism are not taken into account, and explanations are not convincing or no response is received from the Author, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the publication of the manuscript, as notified in writing to the author.
The Author whose plagiarism was recorded is added to the database maintained by Editorial Board of the Zurnal. When re-recorded in the manuscript of this author of plagiarism, the Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse further cooperation, as the Author is informed in writing, and information on this is published on the official website of the Zurnal.